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Dr Michael White

Tunes lyrically toned,
Notes evocatively honed,
Mandeville memories
Hauntingly cloned.
Displaying “the spirit of the best New Orleans clarinetists”, Dr Michael White follows in the footsteps of traditional jazz greats at Mandeville’s legendary Dew Drop Hall.

Gregg Stafford

“He der man!”
Silk shirt, snazzy dresser,
Hot trumpet, deft touch,
Sweet notes, gravelly vocals,
Greg Stafford, “He der man!”
Modern day stalwart of traditional jazz, blues and old time gospel music, New Orleans star Greg Stafford conjures up echoes from the past in a hypnotic performance at Mandeville’s legendary Dew Drop Hall.

Echoes of the Past
An entire year has passed since I met two of New Orleans greatest jazz musicians at legendary Dew Drop Hall, across Lake Pontchartrain in Mandeville.

The occasion was a farewell party for the 2010 Ken Colyer Trust French Quarter Tour Group. Along with Barry Martyn’s band, Michael White and Gregg Stafford entranced the audience of ardent fans with their hypnotic performances.

In the shadow of jazz greats like Kid Ory, Bunk Johnson, Buddy Petit and Louis Armstrong, they conjured up echoes of the past and the very best of the spirit and legacy of New Orleans.

I count it a privilege to have painted their portraits which are to be presented to them during this April’s Southern Sounds Tour. More of my jazz portraits featuring Dew Drop Hall will follow.

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