What better painting to use as my Art & Verse Blog banner illustration than that of Mike Pointon, my very first jazz portrait and the inspiration for my ensuing collection of Jazz Art & Verse prints. The portrait captures Mike letting rip whilst playing with his Lakefront Loungers at the Ken Colyer Trust 2008 Autumn Jazz Parade in Hemsby, Norfolk. A mainstay on the UK jazz scene and renowned for his repartee, sense of humour and individualistic, raffish style, Mike not only revels in New Orleans Traditional Jazz, he is also a musicologist, author and broadcaster extraordinaire. Click here to view the portrait on my website.

The poem reads:

Mike Pointon on Trombone

Lips tightly pursed,
Cheeks fit to burst,
Eyes in a glaze,
Instrument ablaze,
The trombonist takes it away.

Breaking News!!!

During his “volcanic” visit to New Orleans In April for The French Quarter Festival, Peter was privileged to meet a host of jazz stars including Lionel Ferbos, Dave Bartholomew, Barry Martin and Leroy Jones. He is currently working on his “New Orleans” series of jazz portraits and poems and his acrylic of 98 year old Lionel Ferbos is his latest work to be added to his Jazz Art Collection.

Ideal for jazz fans, postcard enthusiasts or stylish greetings cards, we are pleased to announce the release of the Art & Verse ‘Good Time Jazz’ Souvenir postcard collection. To choose your cards and place your order online visit the Jazz Cards page.

I owe my old school chum, Roger, a favour because he invited me to join him at last year’s Ken Colyer Trust Jazz Parade which inspired my Jazz paintings and poems.

What better way to return his favour than to mention his definitive book on early English Rink Hockey containing a complete and absorbing account of the sport between the years of 1885 and 1914. The book has 233 pages and includes many old photographs of roller hockey teams, players and rinks. And by the way, keep your eyes open for the second volume which will bring the history of the game right up to date.

Please contact Roger for more information – e-mail: rv@tuopregor.plus.com